Watch Brandon Ludwig star in “Gamer’s Paradise” on Amazon Prime Video. He also guest stars in a number of other titles with all star cast members.

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Brandon authored the children’s book series “Everly and Me” inspired by the birth of one of his best friends daughter, Everly Sutton Dunne.

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In addition to acting, Ludwig launched the streaming service, The Lost Flix. Under that banner, he curates media for up-and-coming artists. The channel showcases a range of talent from gamers to film makers.

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Brandon had the privilege of hosting the Canadian Screen Awards red carpet. The CSA’s are the Oscar’s equivalent in Canada eh.

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Brandon Ludwig’s story is one of rustic beginnings and glittering aspirations. Raised near the serene Conestoga Lake, his childhood was a simple one, with television offerings limited to Oprah, The O.C., and Nintendo. His passion for the arts was ignited at Listowel District Secondary School, where he was an active member of the A/V Club, contributing to student musicals.

At the University of Waterloo, Brandon pursued history, yet found his true calling in the world of indie films, which became his sanctuary. As his university days waned, Brandon was drawn to the electric energy of The Second City in Toronto. Embracing change, he left his job at Weston’s bread factory and, with his best friend Arcade ‘Danger’ Riley, set out to conquer ‘the Six.’

In time, his brother Sheldon, also known as DON SHAL, joined him, bringing Don Shal Productions into the fold. Brandon’s early career was a mosaic of experiences, from being a roadie for Fred Penner to delivering newspapers, and even reigning as Mardi Gras King at the Canadian National Exhibition.

The year 2020 was a watershed moment for Brandon, as he took center stage in “Gamer’s Paradise.” His star continues to rise as he embarks on his latest escapade, starring opposite sci-fi sensation Robin Dunne in a buddy comedy that promises a heady mix of sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, and the thrill of naked skydiving.


Brandon Ludwig stars in
On May 15, 2020 Brandon Ludwig's new tv show "Gamer's Paradise" was released on Amazon Prime in the United States. In addition to starring in the show, he also directed 3 of the 9 episodes.


"Spontaneity is the spice of life." So, stay up to date on the latest news about Brandon's films and tv shows. Follow Brandon on Youtube and Twitter, or get your fix of what goes down in his daily life on Instagram and Facebook - he won't dance on TikTok...yet.